Pastor Bill Welsh

Senior Pastor

Pastor of Refuge Calvary Chapel
Huntington Beach, Bill Welsh
came to Christ in 1970, and soon
after began his journey of ministry
work. He served as a worship
leader, youth leader and took on
various other ministry roles
until becoming a pastor in the
Coachella valley in 1978. With a
heart for missions work and
church planting, Bill, his wife
Joy and their four children
began doing missions trips to
Australia in 1987 and eventually
moved to Melbourne, Australia in
1991 where they started Calvary
Chapel Melbourne. After expired
visas sent the family stateside, Bill
served on staff at Calvary Chapel
Albuquerque for two years before
accepting a call to pastor in
Huntington Beach, Ca in 1997,
where he still serves today.
Serving not only within the walls
of Refuge, Bill can also be
heard on KWAVE (107.9fm)
Monday through Friday at 4:30pm.
His passion is to not only share
the Gospel with the lost, but to
equip believers to impact the
world around them for Jesus, until
He calls us all home.

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