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About Us

Awaken (formerly CPR or Called Pray Respond) is a local outreach ministry consisting of people from Refuge united by a desire to join the fight against human trafficking. Their emphasis is to bring awareness, to educate, and to mobilize our church in the battle against this evil.

To spread awareness, this ministry hosts movie screenings and guest speakers, and participates in local human trafficking awareness events.

Check back often for their updated calendar, and feel free to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Ministry leader Cindy Martina:


Upcoming Events

Jan 19 • Freedom Has A Name

This Human Trafficking Awareness Event will feature live artists, performers, dancers, and singers at the beautiful Meng Concert Hall at California State University Fullerton. 

Shari Ho, a Human Trafficking Survivor, will be the keynote speaker for the event, and Shari will be autographing her new books My Name Is Also Freedom and Freedom Was Just The Beginning. The event will have a panel discuss moderated by a KWAVE morning host.

KWAVE will broadcast live from the event and there will be vendor booths and resource tables throughout the venue.  

Jan 25 • Movie Night at Refuge

Awaken is partnering with Refuge for Women to host a movie night at Refuge. They will be screening the film 8 Days, offering a dramatic look into the world of trafficked women. Suggested ticket price is $15.