MESSAGE TO PARENTS: As parents, God gives us the primary responsibility of teaching the Word to our children (Deut 6:4-9).Our children's ministry offers solid foundations for you to learn from and build upon, as you carry that responsibility. Join us as we build community together, worship the Lord through song, study his word, and learn how to become a bit more like Jesus everyday. f you would like to know more specifics about how we do ministry, please review the information below.

SUNDAY MORNINGS (9+11+1): Sunday mornings are designed to be focused on outreach and community connection. We design the service to include a mix of high energy worship, bible teaching, personal challenges, and hands-on projects. We would love to have parents join us for this service, and maybe even participate in it!

WEDNESDAY NIGHTS (7PM): Wednesday nights are designed to be focused on spiritual growth. We approach this service with a strong emphasis on bible storytelling, community building, prayer, and hands-on projects.


AT HOME EVERY NIGHT (BIT BOOKS): We believe that a daily reading of God's word is a vital part of becoming more like Jesus. We have designed a simple bible reading guide book for the kids and parents to do together every night. Kids who complete the booklet will be rewarded every month with a special "BITS OF LIFE" patch. We will have 12 new patches every year. Your child will be able to collect 36 patches in all. Our hope is that children will develop a habit of reading Gods word every day as they grow. ADULT PARTICIPATION ENCOURAGED.