About Us

We believe the Christian life is best lived alongside other believers, within meaningful relationships. Our connect groups aim to meet that need, as we gather in small-scale groups of people to hang out, share some food, and study the Bible.

Find a group below that fits your lifestyle, schedule, or stage of life! New groups are being added regularly.

If you're interested in hosting or leading a connect group, please download the application and email it to the address below.


Ministry Overseer Geoff Wilson: geoff@refugefamily.com


Steve and Connie Bradford

Where+When: Westminster • Tuesday • 7pm

Group: Open to All

Contact: steveabradford@hotmail.com

"Our vision for this group is that it is all about doing life together centered around Jesus Christ. Nobody should be an island (Hebrews 10:25)."

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Pete and Teresa Short 

Where+When: Rossmoor • Friday • 7pm

Group: Open to Married+Engaged Couples

Contact: teresashort02@gmail.com


Jim and Connie Jones

Where+When: Monday •  7pm • Refuge • Childcare provided

Group: Open to All

Contact: cjonesride@me.com

"Our vision for the group is to encourage one another to study the Word of God everyday. We want to do this by creating an environment of questions, learning and application.”


Women's Connect Groups

Where+When: Refuge • Tuesday • 9am + 7pm

Group: Women's Groups

Contact: cathy@refugefamily.com

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Charlie and Laurie Capalbo

Where+When: Huntington Beach • Friday • 7pm

Group: Parenting Focus

Contact: lauriecapalbo@gmail.com

“Our vision is to create an environment where parents can share one another’s burdens, celebrate victories, and be part of a village guided by the Holy Spirit. After all, ‘it takes a village…’”

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Isaac Rosa

Where+When: Fountain Valley • Thursday nights • 7pm

Group: Open to All

Contact: isaac@refugefamily.com

"We have a serious commitment to having fun and doing life together. In addition to that we desire to know and enjoy Jesus through studying the Bible, going through supplementary, theologically engaging books and building genuine friendships."


Steve and Julie Gibbs

Where+When: Huntington Beach • Thursday • 7pm

Group: Open to All

Contact: hbwaterman@gmail.com

“Our vision for the group we lead is to encourage personal application of the gospel in our lives.”

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Mike and Martina Rains

Where+When: Huntington Beach • Tuesday • 7pm

Group: Open to All

Contact: mike@mikerains.com

“Our vision is that our hearts would be changed as we study God’s word and walk through life together.”

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Bruce Nguyen

Where+When: Refuge • Saturday • 8am

Group: Men's Group

Contact: bruce.sam@gmail.com

“Our theme verse is ‘Iron sharpens iron,’ as we brothers support one another in our daily walk."

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Stephen Shepard

Where+When: Huntington Beach • Monday • 7pm

Group: Open to All

Contact: stephen@stephenshepard.com

“My vision is that we’d study the Word, integrated within close personal relationships.”


Alyn Loyd

Where+When: HB Lifeguard Tower 2 • Saturday • 7am

Group: Men's Group

Contact: alyn@refugefamily.com

"Our Saturday A.M. group zooms in on the "pray for” & “encourage one another” passages (e.g.- Eph.6:18, 1 Thes.5:11 & Jm 5:16). We chat & encourage for 15 min, and then pray for 45, with the rolling waves as our background track.”

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Robert and Nancy Oseguera

Where+When: Huntington Beach • Thursday • 7pm

Group: Open to Married + Engaged Couples

Contact: nancyoneson@yahoo.com

“We envision our group speaking honestly about marriage amongst other couples - reflecting that the Lord to be in the center of every couple in spirit, grace, and forgiveness.”

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Gary Galluci

Where+When: Corner Bakery (Brookhurst/Ellis) in Fountain Valley • Friday • 7am

Group: Men's Group

Contact: gwgucci@gmail.com

“I see this group as a tool in the master’s hands to accomplish his mighty goal - and to refocus on Jesus Christ and eternal life with him.”


Vince and Dawn Diaz

Where+When: Huntington Beach • Friday • 7pm

Group: Open to Married+Engaged Couples

Contact: diazfam138@aol.com

"The vision for our couples is that we would strengthen our marriage each day."

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Rusty Veary

Where+When: Java Bakery Cafe in Huntington Beach (18685 Main St. Unit 107) • Wednesday • 7:30am

Group: Men's Group

Contact: rveary@msn.com

“Our vision is for this group to be a place where we can be there for each other through the good and bad.”


Dwight and Susan Karr

Where+When: Huntington Beach • Tuesday • 7pm

Group: Open to All

Contact: dwight@refugefamily.com

“Our vision is to pour into our guest what the Lord has already poured into us.”


James Lent

Where+When: Sweet Elle Cafe in Huntington Beach • Monday • 2:00pm

Group: Men's Group

Contact: 714-350-3353 •  jameslent@sbcglobal.net


Mike Rogers

Where+When: Huntington Beach (Seacliff foodcourt- Yorktown/ Goldenwest) • Monday • 6pm

Group: Men's Group

Contact: 714-487-1955

“My vision for this group is to give men an opportunity to take a moment out of their week to connect and grow in their relationship to the Lord."

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Derek and Joy DeCicco

Where+When: Costa Mesa • Friday • 7pm

Group: Open to Married + Engaged Couples

Contact: joymichelle77@yahoo.com

“It’s always been our pleasure to walk through life with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ here at Refuge, and we hope that God continues to allow us to do so!”

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Todd Lowe

Where+When: Peet's in Seal Beach • Tuesday • 6:30pm

Group: Men's Group

Contact: loweclan@icloud.com


Brad Hornback

Where+When: Starbucks (6502 Bolsa Ave., Unit 101, HB) • Thursday • 7am

Group: Men's Group

Contact: bj5horns@yahoo.com

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Young Adults - Men and Women (18-28)

Where+When: Garden Grove • Sunday • 7pm

Contact: teresashort02@gmail.com

"Response is a community of young people aiming to live a life in response to God… we believe a big part of how we do this is in building deep Jesus centered relationships that reflect His love to each other and the world around. Join us as we allow God’s Word to examine us and take root through discussion, application, with a time of response in accountability and prayer."


Jim and Sherry Bullock

Where+When: Garden Grove • Tuesday • 7:15pm

Group: Open to All

Contact: 714-317-0815


Fred and Leah Flowers

Where+When: Fullerton • Friday • 6:30PM

Group: Open to All

Contact: flowersohana@gmail.com

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Jason and Angie Vanderburgh

Where+When: Fountain Valley • Tuesday • 7pm

Group: Newlywed Married Group (1-2 years)

Contact: TheVBFamily2017@gmail.com

"We want couples to know that are not alone in what they are going through in the early years of marriage and we want them to have a safe place to lay the foundation for healthy strong marriages."

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Geoff and Bethany Wilson

Where+When: Fountain Valley • Thursday • 7pm

Group: Open to Married + Engaged Couples

Contact: bethany@refugefamily.com

"We want to invite couples to come and connect in their relationship with their spouses, with the group and with the Lord."

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Steadfast Singles Group 

Where + When: Refuge • Friday • 7pm

Group: Singles

Contact: Marty Ray - 714-280-2310

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Prayer for Prodigals

Where+When: Westminster • 2nd Saturday of the month • 9am

Group: Prayer Group - Open to All

Contact: DeDe - 714-317-1873

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Refuge Recovery Group

Where+When: Refuge • Monday • 7pm

Group: Open to All 

Contact: Johnny Supple - recovery@refugefamily.com

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Boomers + Beyond

Where+When: Refuge • Third Thursday of the month • 7pm

Group: 50 years old and older

Contact: Ted Horvath - boomersandbeyond@refugefamily.com


Healing 4 Warriors

Where+When: Refuge Overflow Room • Last Tuesday of the month • 7pm

Group: For veterans, first responders, servicemen, and their families.

More details at link above.