About us

We are currently working with Anchor Church Sydney, which we helped to plant 2 years ago, to transform the city of Sydney by making disciples to the glory of God. This is a big vision, as only 2% of people in our city of 5 million have surrendered their lives to Jesus, and we know this can only be accomplished by a sovereign work of God to move people from death to life. Though we understand that we labour in vain unless the Lord builds the house, we labour like Paul more abundantly; yet not us but the grace of God in us. Thank you for your partnership with us, with your time, treasure and talents to do #whateverittakes to make Jesus famous in Australia.

Prayer requests

  • Wisdom is raising up gospel community leaders

  • An ever increasing infectious love for Jesus

  • Older couples and kids to come to Anchor for mentoring of us, friends and our children

  • Wisdom and grace in raising and disciplining our children

  • Plans to plant another Anchor Church in 2018

  • Financial provision for our family

Support can be send to

3800 S Fairview Rd
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Write "B.Henderson" on a separate note

Check payable to: Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa


Email Bryan: bryan@anchorchurch.com.au

Email Bryan and Tara: bryan_tara@hotmail.com