About us

"Training 1st century church planters in The 21st century".
New Breed is a church planting training network that produces Apostolic church planters in the 1st Century style, using Paul's on-the-job training model. New Breed's methods are an alternative to the popular model of planting wherein 70% of planters fail due to lack of mentorship rather than funds. By screening, assessing, strategizing, mentoring, and monitoring planters, they assist them to become leaders of multiplication leaders who plant other churches. Together, Peyton and Andrea support couples as they seek to give everything and stop at nothing to spread the gospel in the areas that need it most. Think of them as the Paul to their Timothy.

Prayer requests

  • Their global branch of New Breed

  • The Jump School Core Team training film series

  • The new church plants in the inner cities

  • The training hubs starting up in the 4 quadrants of the US, and 3 abroad

  • Continued health of the Jones family and Eden's development

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Email Peyton: usapunk@newbreedcp.org