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About Us

Refuge Kids is an RFM Ministry using interactive worship, intentional teaching, hands-on projects, opportunities for service, and take-home family devotions to help our kids “become a bit more like Jesus everyday”.  (Matthew 28:19)


Ministry leader Jonathan Trask:

Meet the Bits! 

As mentioned above, our kids program is focused on helping kids become a bit more like Jesus every day, and our Bits help them do that! Each Bit represents a different “fruit of the Spirit”, which is a list of traits that are meant to define the character of a Jesus follower (see Galatians 5:22-23).


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Fruit : Faithfulness
Color : Purple

A bit about this Bit: 
Tara-Bit works hard and is never late. Whenever she starts something, she always sees it through to the end. She has a heart of a warrior. She never gives up, even after falling flat on her face. The others know when Tara-Bit says she is going to do something, she always gets it done.

Jesus was faithful. He did what he said he was going to do. - Hebrews 3:1-2


Fruit : Peace
Color : Orange

A bit about this Bit:
Giga-Bit is always relaxed. Even during the most frightening storms, he is never scared. He remains calm, almost too calm. He enjoys watching sunsets, sleeping in his hammock, and following the little green Bit around. 

Jesus was at peace even in the storm. - Mark 4:38-40


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Fruit : Joy
Color : Yellow

A bit about this Bit:
It doesn't matter if it’s cold and snowing or if the wind is blowing. Sally knows that as long as she is close to freshwater, she is safe. The others look out for Sally as she is the smallest Bit of them all. She gets excited about the simplest things, even on the hard days.

Jesus saw joy even on the hardest day. - Hebrews 12:2


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Fruit : Patience
Color : Green

A bit about this Bit:
Rib-Bit is never in a rush. He knows the right time for everything. It’s as if he knows what is going to happen before it does. Rib-Bit does not worry. The others look to him for wise advice.

Jesus is patient with us. - Luke 15: 11-24


Fruit : Kindness & Gentleness
Color : Teal

A bit about this Bit:
Much like Rab-Bit, Bitty-Bit helps take care of the others. But as Rab-Bit makes sure the Bits have everything they need, Bitty-Bit is concerned about how the Bits are feeling. She is always ready to give a listening ear. She enjoys being around the other Bits and having long talks.

Jesus was kind and gentle towards children and those in need. - Matthew 11:29


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Fruit : Goodness
Color : Blue

A bit about this Bit:
Keylo-Bit is quite bold, strong, and wants everything to be perfect. If something isn’t working the way it was made to work, he jumps into action and fixes the problem. He also enjoys sitting near the top of the tree and keeping an eye out for storms.

Jesus stood up for what was right and true. - Matthew 21:12


Fruit : Self-Control  
Color : Red

A bit about this Bit:
Mega-Bit is a strong leader and loves to take charge. He follows the rules and controls his temper. He helps the other Bits stay focused whenever they start to get off course. You can find him exercising every morning down by the edge of the stream. He works out every day so he can keep his mind sharp and his body in shape. 

Jesus controlled himself when he was tempted in the desert. - Matthew 4:1-11


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Fruit : Love
Color : Pink

A bit about this Bit:
Rab-Bit likes to take care of the other Bits. She is like a mother to them. She makes sure they have enough water and are packed up when they get ready for an adventure. Whenever a Bit is missing from the group, she is the first one to go looking for them. She seems the happiest when all the others are comfortable and have everything they need.

Jesus loved us so much; he died for us. - John 3:16