About us

The Woodburns live and minister in Little Arabia, Anaheim to the immigrant and refugee community from the Middle East.

The Woodburn family are part of Novo missions’ Ethné collective. Novo’s Ethné collective crosses cultures to develop healthy, missional leaders who will make disciples among all nations.

We envision Little Arabia as a global gateway city for the gospel to go to it and through it to the Arab world within the Middle Eastern area of the 10/40 window. What if the Lord would move many Muslims to turn from the darkness of Islam, and accept the love of our Heavenly Father and become carriers of the good news to their social network in Little Arabia and throughout the Arab world?

Pray for our family and for our ministry to make an impact:

  • To see 50-100 new Muslim background men and women actively involved in discipleship groups each year.

  • Build relationships with young families who have yet to hear the good news.

  • Ignite pockets of obedient disciples among the diverse people groups in Little Arabia.

  • Equip believers to easily share their faith and disciple others.

  • For God’s covering of favor and provision for our family spiritually and physically.

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Online giving:

  1. Go to www.novo.org/projects

  2. Select designation- scroll down past all of the staff names to #3681 or type in the search bar "3681-00" (there's no name and picture for security reasons)

  3. Select “monthly recurring” or “one time.”

To give by Check:

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