About us

The Woodburn family live and minister in Little Arabia, Anaheim to the Arab Muslim and refugee communities there.

Our vision is to reach Little Arabia and abroad through the local influence of the members of this community that come from within the Middle Eastern part of the 10/40 window.

A major part of our mission is serving through Voice of the Refugees (VOR), a Christian ministry that is located in the area where we currently live and serve. VOR’s heartbeat is demonstrating Christ’s love through helping refugees re-establish their lives in a way that brings healing, transformation, and restoration. In addition, VOR has provided a unique platform for our family to minister to these groups in our area. One of the most significant ways we serve is through disciple making within the Arab Muslim community. Our other goals include relationship building and raising up leaders—through discipleship—to reach and transform their own families, communities, and home countries. We are honored and humbled to have the privilege to partner with the Lord to be catalysts to bring spiritual transformation to the refugee and Muslim communities in Little Arabia, Anaheim, California.

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